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Commitment to Democracy

Commitment to Democracy

Commitment to Democracy

Commitment to Democracy

Commitment to Democracy

Commitment to Democracy

Commitment to Democracy

Commitment to Democracy

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Welcome to the website of the

Seychelles National Party (SNP)

The SNP is the main opposition party in Seychelles. It is working closely with other opposition forces to achieve meaningful electoral reforms which will bring fair and equitable conditions for political participation and elections. The Executive Committee of the SNP is pictured below. Find out more on this website or e-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



The Seychelles National Party categorically rejects the assertion by the Principal Secretary for Finance, Mr. Patrick Payet, that articles in the national press on its proposal for a 13th month salary for workers are the result of a leak of internal documents from the Ministry.

There is absolutely no basis for such a claim and the comments on the national media by Mr. Payet has failed to substantiate in any way that there has been any leak. The proposals in the articles are entirely the result of policy deliberations within the SNP on national issues and released to the media in accordance with its own time-table.

The SNP is confident that any investigation within the Ministry will discover that there has been no leak. We have expressed our categorical rejection of the claim of a leak made by the Principal Secretary and we call upon him to make public any conclusion drawn from the investigation in the same manner that he has publicised the claim.

The SNP believes that the coverage of this matter on state owned media on Tuesday 5th May, 2015. was a deplorable spectacle on the part of the Government and the state-funded media.

First, it showed a government that is slow, tired and lost, a government that has stopped innovating and is focussed on damage control. As with the issue over the R5,000 pension earlier this year, Parti Lepep has been sideswiped by another good idea of the SNP and is playing catch-up.

Second, it shows a politicised civil service. A young principal secretary is sent out to explain that the idea was that of President Michel’s all along – not that of the government, or that of the cabinet, nor even that of his minister, but the idea of President Michel. This shows the sad state that our professional public service has been reduced to under the present government – a cohort of people doing the President’s bidding, even to the extent of making wild accusations based on speculation and surmise. The actions of the Principal Secretary in entering into a political fray that as an official of the Public Service he should have avoided at all costs is deplorable. The lack of objectivity and independence in this matter has betrayed the ethics of the Pubic service which he should strive to uphold.

Third, the SBC is still a tool of the party in power, ready and willing to respond to the government’s wishes and, despite its legal mandate, toe the government line and ignore its core function which is to present news in an unbiased manner. Why could the SBC not interview the SNP too in a bid to find the truth, instead of compounding the lie of the government? How can it go into overdrive to play the government tune and ignore those who made the announcement at all?

Fourth, it is the SNP that is articulating the national debate today. As with the pension announcement, while the government is fiddling and working out the ifs and hows, the SNP has already worked out the solution and presented it. We have the figures and we have the method.

The ministry of finance is totally wrong in looking for a scapegoat. This proposal originate from and was articulated by the SNP. We do not need to resort to spying on others. The capacity exists within our party as will be seen in future announcements.

Fifth, and very deplorably, the spirit of 5 June 1977 is still alive and well in Seychelles. Fear and control are the order of business of the government of Parti Lepep. The party must always be shown to have the monopoly of ideas, even when it clearly does not. And when it is shown up, it looks for scapegoats and instils fear. It will not fail to use these two tools whenever its narrow interests are threatened. Yesterday, we saw them deployed. They will be deployed again and again in a bid to keep power.

The Seychelles National Party Secretariat

Arpent Vert, Mahe

May 06, 2015